How to Choose Your Homeschooling Curriculum

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Homeschooling your kids is becoming more and more common. It used to be very rare for a child to be homeschooled but more families are choosing this option. Studies have shown that kids who are homeschooled do better on tests, perform better in college and are better able to work independently and not let socialization get in the way of job performance later on in life. Additional studies have shown stronger family bonds in children that are homeschooled. Knowing that is all well and good, of course, but making the decision to homeschool your kids is just one part of the process.

What do you know about Charlotte Mason's method? Charlotte Mason is well known as a turn of the century educator in the twentieth century. Her approach focused on three areas, life, discipline, and atmosphere. This approach focuses on living books rather than text books as well as the home's atmosphere. The methods she used were indeed strict while also centered in the areas of good study habits and academic successes making sure subjects were approached through living examples rather than just dull facts. You can locate this curriculum at many homeschool bookstores. Another curriculum to try is the Diane Lockman Authentic Classical Trivium which is become well respected these days. If you are looking for a christian based way o teach your children this could be right for you. The name insinuates it is a classical education archetype, this is indeed not the case. The education in this method focses on thought, language and speech. Teaching your children with freedom to help your kids in these three areas will be the reason you'll like this one.

Other times, one of the more excellent approaches for picking out your home schooling curriculum is to buy a boxed set with lessons to choose from. The boxed sets can help provide a structure to your day and your lesson plans. When you need to figure out your technique for a particular unit or lesson plan, the will be helpful because they often times comes with books and teaching materials to help you. One of the best things about a boxed set is that it isn't necessary for you to utilize every item that is included-you can weed through it, in case you believe your ideas are better. You also don't need to rely entirely on the boxed set for your curriculum, because you can choose sets for the subjects that you haven't already put into your curriculum.

It could be that you don't like your local public school for whatever reason. Or maybe you can't afford a private school. Perhaps you were persuaded to try homeschooling by the studies showing how homeschooled kids perform better later on in life. Choosing the best homeschool curriculum for you and your kids is what's important, not your reasons for homeschooling. The importance of the curriculum you choose cannot be stressed enough. You will be better able to pick the best homeschool curriculum for your kids when you understand the different types available.

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How to Choose Your Homeschooling Curriculum

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This article was published on 2010/12/01