Tips for Choosing Your Homeschool Curriculum

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Homeschooling is becoming more and more common place. Some time ago homeschooling was though of as only for religious families. Today however, many different family types are choosing to homeschool. In addition to more and more families choosing to homeschool their kids, there are also more and more curriculum options available. The internet has increased the different types of curriculum you can choose from exponentially. Can you determine the best course of curriculum for your kids? Keep reading for some things to keep in mind as you search.

Unschooling is, by far, the most relaxed and variable type of homeschooling curriculum. This is a type of curriculum that focuses on your kids' natural instincts and interests and lets them sort of build their own curriculum or educate themselves. Technically speaking, unschooling is not actually homeschooling since that, by definition, follows a set lesson plan and curriculum. Unschooling will let your kids learn their when on their terms. You as the parent can take a hands off approach to their learning. However there is a drawback, college admissions and SAT's aren't always favorable to this method. Diane Lockman's Authentic Classical Trivium is another curriculum that is quickly becoming well known and highly respected as a homeschool curriculum. Parents who are looking for a christian based curriculum will like this one. The name insinuates it is a classical education archetype, this is indeed not the case. Thought, language and speech are the three pillar focuses. You may like this program for it's freedom when teaching your kids in these three areas.

There are several factors to consider when determining the best homeschool curriculum for you and your kids. At the top of this list of factor is your children's personal learning styles.

Your particular teaching strengths and weaknesses must also be looked at. As you set up your curriculum for the year, you have some freedom to play up your strengths, luckily. You don't have to force yourselves to stick to strict curriculum practices or units and you will be able to play to everyone's strengths while working through your weaknesses. Homeschooling has been proven to be quite valuable to children.

The fact is that kids who were homeschooled do better on tests and in college. Homeschooled kids usually have stronger bonds with their families than public schooled kids do. This is reassuring news for people who have been thinking about homeschooling but worry about its efficacy. Of course, before you actually start homeschooling you need to spend some time figuring out what kind of homeschooling curriculum you want to use. Make sure you are doing enough research and talking to other homeschoolers. You'll find a way!

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Tips for Choosing Your Homeschool Curriculum

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This article was published on 2010/12/01